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Card and Label Designer Software

Card Maker and Label Designing Software enables to generate industrial specific labels using major image designing objects. Card maker program creates colorful and printable ID labels, Visiting card, Photo ID cards, Greeting cards, Stickers and Tags in few mouse clicks on your PC. Software facilitates user to print multiple labels with advance option to print labels without any additional efforts. Ideal and affordable solution for your business organization has all advanced tools required for ID and labels creation and printing.

Card and Label Designer Software

⮚ Card Creator Software saves your valuable time and money as you will not need to hire any outside consultants at additional cost while designing required labels. The use of software will help you get your ID card and badge designed and printed exactly the way you need.

Software Screenshots Tutorials:

Card and Label Designer Software

Designed Labels using DRPU Card and Label Designer Software

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Software Features:

  • Generate high-resolution labels and tags.
  • Create images with use of image designing tools including including Line, Ellipse, Pencil, Rectangle, Text, Barcode, Picture, Arc, Triangle and Star objects.
  • Create label and card using wizard or with blank format.
  • Design and create label in Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle or Ellipse label shape.
  • Design colorful cards and labels as required.
  • Generate the multiple copies of labels with different barcode and text value.
  • Design labels using Linear and 2D barcode fonts.
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