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Databar Limited 2D Barcode

Databar limited is smallest barcode symbology that can encode 14 digits GTIN number. Data bar limited code is type of 2d barcodes which accept only numeric data. To create various kinds of bar codes labels, stickers and coupons use our advance barcode label designer software. This bar coding system can design customized barcode labels in your own style using latest linear and two dimensional barcode font standards.

Example 1 of Databar Limited 2D Barcode designed by Barcode Label creator software

Databar Limited 2D Barcode Fonts

Character Grouping - 5
Barcode Value - 8595412352
Left and Right Margin(cm) - 0.09
Top and Bottom Margin(cm) - 0.19
Example 2 of Databar Limited 2D Barcode Font created using Barcode Maker Software

Databar Limited 2D Barcode

Barcode Header - DRPU software Pvt Ltd
Barcode Footer - www.barcodelabelcreator.com
Header Margin(cm) - 0.17
Footer Margin(cm) - 0.30
Example 3 of Databar Limited 2D Bar code generated using DRPU Barcodes Generator

Databar Limited 2D Barcode

Bar Height - 1.29
Value Margin - 0.28
X Dimension - 0.07
Composite Data - df4334
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