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Databar 2D Barcode

GS1 DataBar (formerly known as RSS or Reduced Space Symbology) is a relatively new bar code symbology. The GS1 DataBar can carry all 14 digits of a manufacture’s GTIN and is more than 50% smaller than the currently used UPC and EAN symbols. This makes it particularly useful for identifying small items such as produce and pharmaceutical items.

Example 1 of Databar 2D Barcode designed by Barcode Label creator software


Value Margin - 0.20
Composite Data - 445467
Barcode Value - 123456789012
Example 2 of Databar 2D Barcode Font created using Barcode Maker Software


Barcode Header - DRPU software Pvt Ltd
Barcode Footer - www.barcodelabelcreator.com
Header Margin(cm) - 0.25
Footer Margin(cm) - 0.30
Example 3 of Databar 2D Bar code generated using DRPU Barcodes Generator


Bar Height - 1.50
X Dimension - 0.07
Left and Right Margin(cm) - 0.20
Top and Bottom Margin(cm) - 0.11
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