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Telepen Fonts

Telepen barcode is widely used 1D bar code symbology that was invented in 1972. Tele pen code is able to express all 128 ASCII characters without using shift character. Unlike the other linear bar codes (that define independent encoding of each characters), Telepen code is operate on stream of bits. It can represent any bit stream that contains an even number of 0 bits. If you want to create customized barcode labels and stickers for your company product then use our advance barcode generator software.

Example 1 of Telepen Barcode designed by Barcode Label creator software


Bearer bar( Vertical) - 7
Barcode Value - 6768745236
Character Grouping - 5
Value Margin(cm) - 0.40
Example 2 of Tele pen Barcode Font created using DRPU Barcode Generator Software


Barcode Header - DRPU software Pvt Ltd
Barcode Footer - www.barcodelabelcreator.com
Header Margin(cm) - 0.20
Footer Margin(cm) - 0.50
Example 3 of Telepen Bar code generated using Barcodes Maker Software


Bar Height(cm) - 0.6
Density - 0.07
Left and Right Margin(cm) - 0.20
Top and Bottom Margin(cm) - 0.20
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